3/26/2013 03:31:09 am

I live in Boston and have been to dozens of Thai restaurants here. None come even close to how awesome Bloomn' Thai is. Best ingredients, friendliest people, best decor and atmosphere, and best music. Everything is amazing.

11/7/2013 12:24:57 am

After moving back to the area after living in Philadelphia for 10 years, I was desperate to find good thai food. This is the best restaurant in the area as far as I am concerned!

Get a pot of Tom Kha Khai soup with some white rice as an appetizer for your whole party. You'll want it every time you go!

5/15/2015 12:07:45 am

The food at Bloomin' Thai is so good! I have friends from out of the area who come to visit and always want to eat there. They will plan trips around the place, it's so good. It's definitely worth the visit.

1/24/2016 02:57:57 pm

Love the food at Bllomn' Thai! We're so lucky to have a place like this in Bloomsburg. Please put your hours on your website — I always forget!

3/18/2016 01:48:49 pm

I just called to make a reservation and the guy who answered was very rude. He needs to change his attitude in answering phone calls. My husband was pissed off upon hearing him and told me to cancel it and decided to go to the Thai restaurant in Wilkesbare.

7/13/2017 04:39:32 am

Hello, I called yesterday a few times but no one got back to me. I am interested in seeking employment with Bloom n Thai, as I will be moving literally right across the street in a few weeks! I have lots of experience with food and customer service. I would appreciate some more info, please email me!


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